Child and Adolescent Studies

This interdisciplinary minor is for students who want to focus their career on working with youth. This minor will focus on child development, health of the child and adolescent, and techniques for working with all youth. This minor may be of interest to students in social work, sociology, nursing, healthcare navigation, education, criminal justice, psychology, or business (marketing, communication, etc.).

Child and Adolescent Studies Minor

EN 140Introduction to Diversity Studies3
GS 255Child and Adolescent Health3
PS 124Developmental Psychology3
SO 122Introduction To Sociology3
Select two of the following:6 - 9
Juvenile Justice
Child and Family Nutrition
Educational Psychology
Educating the Exceptional Person
Challenges Along the Journey: Interventions for Core Body System Alterations 1
Challenges Along the Journey: Intervention for Alterations in Regulatory and Protective Mechanisms
Adolescent Psychology
Marriage and Family
Family Child Welfare
Basic Helping Skills
Human Sexuality
Total Hours18-21