Diversity Studies

Diversity Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study that enables students to develop a broad understanding of the intersecting components of diversity in society, namely: race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexuality, social class, religion, language, aging, and disability. Diversity Studies courses educate students about the contributions of historically-underrepresented communities to art, literature, history, culture, and society. The goal of the minor is to equip students with knowledge, skills, and perspectives essential to civic participation, career development, and promoting a just and an equitable society. The minor is relevant to any graduate program or career that involves diverse populations of people, such as business, education, journalism, publishing, law, public relations, criminal justice, social welfare, and mental and physical health.

Diversity Studies Minor

EN 140Introduction to Diversity Studies3
or SW 265 Diversity in America
Choose Four From the Lists Below: *12
100-Level Courses:
Introduction to American Multicultural Literature
Introduction to U.S. Latino Literature
Introduction to African American Literature
Introduction to Literature and Gender
Introduction to LGBTQ Literature
Introduction To World Religions
History Of Non-Western Art
Elementary Spanish I
Elementary Spanish II
Accelerated Spanish Review
200-Level Courses: Choose At Least Two of the Following Courses:
Biology And Human Culture
Foundations of Servant Leadership
Intercultural Communication
Honors: The Holocaust
Introduction to Asian Thought
Social Psychology
Introduction to Gender Studies
Marriage and Family
Social Inequalities
Islam And Politics
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition
Spanish for the Profession
Spanish Conversation
Spanish Conversation, Film and Culture
Aging In America
Human Sexuality
300-Level Courses: Choose At Least One of the Following Courses:
Contemporary Art and Theory
Consumer Behavior
International Marketing
Corporate Social Responsibility
Diversity and the Criminal Justice System
Special Education Foundations
Characteristics of Learners with Mild/Moderate Disabilities
Topics In American Literature
Anglophone Literature
20th Century American History of Race and Gender
Hispanic Culture & Civilization
Hispanic Culture & Civilization
Biological Anthropology: Human Evolution and Biocultural Adaptations in the Ancient and Modern World
Population Based Nursing
Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Liberties
Critical Perspectives in Sport and Physical Activity
Introduction to Feminist Theories
Global Race Relations
Spanish Grammar & Composition
Advanced Communicative Spanish Abroad
Spanish Phonology
Introduction to Hispanic Literature
Total Hours15