The pre-law minor is designed for students interested in pursuing law school. The minor is interdisciplinary, including courses drawn from a variety of relevant disciplines. Some of the courses emphasize the development of skills, such as strong communication and argumentation, which are critical to legal analysis. Still other courses introduce students to the different aspects of the U.S. legal system. Students must also complete a major in another area of interest; for pre-law students, this is consistent with recommendations from the American Bar Association, and the Law School Admission Council, which administers the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The pre-law advisor also provides guidance to students preparing for the LSAT and applying to law school. Note the pre-professional programs are not recorded on a student's transcript at Mount Mercy University; to acknowledge completion of this minor, the student's transcript will record a "Legal Studies" minor.

Law School Partnership

Mount Mercy University partners with the University of Iowa College of Law to allow qualified undergraduates to apply as juniors to Iowa Law's Juris Doctor Program. Successful applicants who fulfill Mount Mercy requirements and complete one year of Iowa Law's JD Program will receive the bachelor's degree from Mount Mercy University under this '3+3' agreement. Students should contact the Pre-Law advisor and their faculty advisor for more information.

See the Graduate section of this Catalog for more information on Graduate programs offered at Mount Mercy.


PL 141Logic (suggested in spring of junior year to prepare for LSAT)3
EN 210Writing And Analysis Of Literature4
BA 203Principles Of Law3
CJ 297Criminal Law3
PO 203The U.S. Supreme Court and the American Judiciary3
PL 269Introduction to Ethics 13
Total Hours19

Academic Requirements

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 9 semester hours in the pre-law minor at Mount Mercy. A grade of C or above (C- does not count) is required for each course in the minor.


LW 420 Pre-Law Internship: 6 semester hours

This is an academically oriented practical experience gained through supervised work assignments with various law firms and legal-related placements. The student will have the opportunity to contrast their studies in the minor with practice in the field. The internship is open to legal studies minors of junior and senior status and with the consent of the pre-law advisor. A student may enroll in and complete a maximum of (6) semester hours, although credit does not apply to the minor (but does apply toward credits for graduation). Prerequisites: at least one of BA 203, CJ 297 or PO 203; junior or senior in good standing; completed and approved application; and consent of the pre-law advisor. Students can earn 1 - 6 semester hours.