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SW 265 Diversity in America: 3 semester hours

This course takes a broad view of diversity in contemporary America. Students will explore how diversity and intersectionality shape human experiences and identity development and affect equity and inclusion. The dimensions of diversity that will be discussed as the intersectionality of factors include but are not limited to age, caste, class, color, culture, disability and ability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, generational status, immigration status, legal status, marital status, political ideology, race, nationality, religion and spirituality, sex, sexual orientation, and tribal sovereign status. Emphasis will be given to developing an understanding of the concept of intersectionality, a sensitivity to the experience of historically minoritized populations, and an appreciation of the unique identities, lived experiences, and different cultures in the United States. First priority is reserved for students who need this course to complete their major.

Social Work

Social work is an action-oriented, value-based profession that assists people who experience challenges living in our fast paced, rapidly changing society.  At Mount Mercy, you'll learn professional practice that emphasizes compassion and empathy for humans in need, dedication to the improvement of society, and commitment to the ideals of equality and justice, especially for those vulnerable to oppression and discrimination.  The Social Work major is designed to give students an understanding of how people function, the challenges and problems they encounter, and the social services available to them.