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NU 352 Challenges Along the Journey: Intervention for Alterations in Regulatory and Protective Mechanisms: 6 semester hours

This course will prepare students to meet the challenges associated with providing holistic care for adults and children experiencing acute and chronic illnesses involving alteration in regulatory and protective mechanisms. The initial focus will be on health promotion, growth and development, children’s response to illness, and family support. Nursing interventions for persons across the lifespan will be a central theme. The clinical judgment skills required to prioritize and delegate care appropriately will be introduced and then integrated throughout the course. Interventions for persons with fluid, electrolyte and acid-base imbalance, impaired immunity, infection, and cancer, as well as those required for alterations in the endocrine, renal, and musculoskeletal systems will be included. Interventions will be addressed in theory and applied in case scenarios and/or a variety of clinical settings. Prerequisites: NU 224, NU 230, NU 232, NU 240 and NU 260.