Campus Ministry

Housed in the Chapel of Mercy area in Busse Center, the Campus Ministry area is one that witnesses hospitality to all on campus. Campus Ministry is open and welcomes all . . . all who share diversity in thought, perspective, faith, or belief. The lounge offers space for study, relaxing, or gathering. The Chapel invites prayer, quiet reflection and worship. A variety of student-focused and student-generated activities are hosted by Campus Ministry throughout the year to tap into people's desire for a healthy relationship with God, self, and others.

As a Catholic Mercy university, we promote purposeful and merciful living through our Mercy values. This is supported through the framework of our Catholic Identity: Catholic Intellectual Tradition and Catholic Social Teaching. The Catholic Intellectual Tradition gives us a world view that inspires innovative thinking, probing inquiry, supportive interaction, and a strong belief in diversity – including religious diversity. Our Catholic Social Teaching articulates principles to assess our current realities and empower us to respond to needs before us. On Mount Mercy's campus, this is through the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy – Racism, Non-violence, Women, Immigration, and Care for the Earth. 

  • Masses are held on Sunday evening and one weekday. Please check website for up to date information.
  • Sacramental preparation
  • Reconciliation (confession)
  • Inter-faith and inter-religious worship services
  • Retreats and vocation discernment activities
  • Pastoral Visits for support & prayer
  • Service and volunteer opportunities at home and away
  • Formation in social justice
  • Education for growth in one’s faith
  • Campus Peer Ministry
  • Residential Peer Ministry
  • Music Ministry for worship and spiritual growth

We are available if you want to talk, have someone to pray with, and/or need prayer support and/or spiritual companion.

Below are helpful links to remain up to date on current events:

Facebook: MountMercyMissionMinistry   

Twitter: @MMUMinistry