Tuition and Fees

Financial Information


Tuition is charged per semester hour. Current tuition rates are:

Program Rate
Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (online program) $490 semester hour
Master of Arts in Education $460 semester hour
Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy $490 semester hour
Master of Business Administration $590 semester hour
Master of Business Administration (online program) $630 semester hour
Master of Science in Nursing* $590 semester hour
Master of Strategic Leadership $590 semester hour

Tuition is due the first night of class. If you are reimbursed by your employer, and you have a completed Deferred Payment Plan Enrollment Form on file in the Student Financial Services Office, tuition is due 45 days from the end of each block.

Delinquent Accounts

All students, except those on employer reimbursement, are required to have their entire account paid in full by the last day of class. Any balance remaining after this date will be considered delinquent.

Students who are reimbursed by their employers are required to have their entire account paid in full within 45 days of receiving their grade report for each class or their account will be considered delinquent. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Student Financial Services Office that s/he is eligible for employer reimbursement as well as notify them of any changes in reimbursement status.

Students with delinquent accounts may be subject to the following actions until the balance is paid in full:

  1. All current and future registrations will be cancelled
  2. All financial aid for future terms will be cancelled
  3. Official transcripts will not be made available
  4. Accounts will be turned over to a collection agency unless arrangements have been made for the timely payment of the delinquent amount due.

Additional Fees

(All fees are non-refundable)

Student Cost Amount
Additional parking stickers (first sticker free) $2
Audit fee for a course $500
Mount Mercy ID card replacement fee (first card free) $15
Official transcript $10
Replacement diploma $75
Returned check $25

Nursing Informatics students are responsible for paying applicable University of Minnesota tuition and fees for courses taken through the University of Minnesota and are subject to their enrollment policies and deadlines.