Academic and Personal Services


Busse Center is the learning resource center for the campus, housing both print and non-print materials, as well as a variety of electronic resources. The library’s online catalog, WorldCat, and full-text periodical databases are available online. Library services include reference, library instruction, and interlibrary loan. The library offers media equipment, study rooms, and several classrooms. 

Library Technology Resources

Busse Library offers forty public access computers, all featuring Microsoft Office’s suite of software. Library patrons will also find campus wi-fi access and printing/copying services. The library’s lower level offers a computer classroom and the Mac Lab.   

Academic Center For Excellence (ACE)

Academic assistance is available to all students to help build their capabilities in writing, reading, learning skills, and specific content areas. Classes and individual guidance are provided, along with workshops, study sessions, and course-specific discussion groups. The Peer Educator Tutoring program provides tutoring in a wide range of fields with flexible scheduling. The ACE Writing Center provides drop-in writing support, with a schedule posted each semester.  Disability Services are coordinated through the Center to help assure individual support, technology assistance, and alternative testing or other accommodations where needed.

Disabilities Contact Information

Mount Mercy is committed to equality of educational opportunity for all students. The Academic Center for Excellence, located in the University Center, also houses and facilitates academic accommodations and services for students with disabilities. Core functions related to accommodations and disabilities include:

  • Establishing and communicating criteria for disability services at Mount Mercy
  • Providing assessment to verify eligibility for services
  • Facilitating academic accommodations for qualified students with disabilities
  • Supporting disability-related services and opportunities for students with disabilities

Students seeking academic accommodations first meet with Disability Services staff, who provide assessment, review documentation, and determine eligibility for services. Together they discuss academic needs, use of appropriate forms, and process for working with instructors and the Center.

Students who request accommodations but have not registered with the Center need to be referred to the office to complete the registration process before accommodations are arranged. If students suspect they might have a disability but have not been evaluated previously, they should contact Disability Services for referrals. Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis. For further information regarding services available for students with disabilities, please contact ACE at 319-363-1323 ext. 1204.

University Center Information Desk

The University Center Information Desk is an information and service area dedicated to assisting students by providing programs, services, and general information. Located on the first floor of the Sisters of Mercy University Center, information and referrals are available regarding Mount Mercy programs and services. ID cards may be obtained at the Information Desk.

Academic Advising

Upon entering Mount Mercy, students are assigned to faculty advisors from their major program who meet with the students individually to help facilitate the transition to Mount Mercy and the ongoing progress toward degree completion. Students are expected to meet with their advisors prior to registration to discuss course selections and to consult with them as needed. Advisors serve as the most knowledgeable resource for students in their major programs of study.

Continuing Education

Mount Mercy seeks to identify and respond to the special needs of the non-traditional student. Evening class offerings, two back-to-back day and evening summer sessions, and online courses are some of the many ways the institution serves non-traditional students. (See the section on the Accelerated Programs and Online Programs for additional information).

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is housed in the Busse Center, along with the Chapel of Mercy. All students are welcome to stop in and take advantage of the Campus Ministry Lounge for studying, gathering, prayer, and relaxing. Campus Ministry promotes purposeful and merciful living according to the Gospel and our Mercy values.  As a Catholic/Mercy institution, we nurture visions by which to walk and live. Campus Ministry is part of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, a worldview that inspires innovative thinking, probing inquiry, supportive interaction, and a strong belief in diversity – including religious diversity. Campus Ministry hosts a variety of student-generated activities that tap into people’s thirst for a healthy relationship with God, self, and others:

  • Weekday Mass:
    • Academic Year: Monday, Thursday, Friday - 11:45am; Tuesday – 3:30pm; Wednesday and Sunday – 8:30pm
    • Summer: Monday – Friday -11:45am
  • Sacramental preparation
  • Reconciliation
  • Interfaith and interreligious educational and worship opportunities
  • Retreats and vocation discernment activities
  • Service and volunteer opportunities at home and away
  • Formation in social justice
  • Faith formation
  • Peer Ministry Organization
    • Campus Peer Ministers – Work-studies who assist with planning/implementing Campus Ministry events
    • Residential Peer Ministers – Assist with Campus Ministry outreach by being a constant presence in the residence halls
  • Music Ministry for worship and spiritual growth

Campus Ministry is open to all faiths and those with no faith. Campus Ministry engages in many activities that help empower leaders for the future and are transformative. Students, faculty, and staff experience the hospitable characteristic of the Sisters of Mercy who founded Mount Mercy. We are witness to authentic Catholic culture, its inclusiveness, its concern for justice and peace, and its keen awareness of the footprint of a loving Creator in the world around us.

Mail and Telephone Services

The Public Safety Director coordinates the operation of the Mount Mercy switchboard. All mail services are coordinated through the mail room located in Lundy. Campus mailboxes for students are available through the mail room.

Career Services

The Career Services Office provides comprehensive career development advising and programming to assist students in every major from freshman year through graduation. The office’s services also are available to Mount Mercy alumni. The approach used in the career planning process is individualized and developmental. The office serves as a clearinghouse for a wide range of employment and internship opportunities and maintains ongoing communication with employers and graduate schools from all sectors.

Services include: CareerClicks, a digital job posting site that employers and students can access via the Internet, as well as the resources available on the Career Services web page; assistance in searching for full-time, part-time, and summer employment; internship assistance; career resource library; career counseling; assistance in deciding on a major; administration and interpretation of career interest inventories; graduate school information; resumé critique; interview preparation; career fairs and workshops.

International Student Recruitment and Integration

This office consults with international students on their immigration status and serves as a contact throughout their enrollment at Mount Mercy. The International Club serves as a campus organization for all students interested in learning about different cultures and nationalities around the world.  The office also works with students of every major who are considering studying abroad. Study abroad programs can be as short as ten days or as long as a semester. They provide students with an excellent opportunity to increase global awareness and experience personal growth. The office has information on study, intern, and volunteer opportunities, and on scholarships for study abroad.

Residence Life

Residency Requirement

Mount Mercy has a two-year residency expectation. Students are expected to live in campus housing during their first four semesters of full-time college attendance. Students may be exempt from this requirement if: living with parents; if “independent” status with regard to federal financial aid regulations; if they turned 21 years old before July 1st preceding their second year; if studying abroad; or if they are required to live off campus to fulfill military service. An exemption request must be filed with the Office Residence Life, and approved, in order for an exemption to be made.

For additional information on student services including: Health, Wellness, Counseling, and Athletics/Intramurals is the Good Book.