General Admission Requirements to Mount Mercy University Accelerated Programs

  1. Must be at least 23 years of age
  2. Must have a minimum of three years full-time relevant work experience
  3. Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or higher on 4.00 scale.*

Applicants not meeting the above criteria may qualify for admission upon consideration by the Mount Mercy Admission Committee.


In accordance with articulation agreements, students who have earned an associate degree from Kirkwood Community College or Hawkeye Community College, and who have at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average are allowed admission to Mount Mercy.

Application Procedures for the Accelerated Programs

You may begin the application process by visiting our web site at Complete the online application, and if you have any previous college coursework, request official transcripts to be sent to: Accelerated Office, 1330 Elmhurst Drive NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-4797.

Federal Regulations require that student files contain a certificate of the highest degree earned. A high school transcript is required for applicants who have not yet obtained post-secondary associate, or higher degree.

Application Procedure for Readmission to Accelerated Programs

Students who exit from Mount Mercy, do not attend for one or more consecutive semesters, or have graduated from Mount Mercy and wish to reenter the program, pursue a second major, pursue a second degree, or add a minor, must complete a new application prior to resuming coursework at Mount Mercy. The application is available at If any coursework has been completed at other institutions since last attending Mount Mercy, official transcripts documenting coursework must be requested by the applicant and sent directly from the institution to the Accelerated Office.

Special Student Application

Students interested in taking just one or two accelerated courses at Mount Mercy may make an application for special student status. If the student is currently pursuing a degree at another institution, it is recommended that the student seeks permission from the home college before enrolling at Mount Mercy. Student must first complete the application form available online at If a prerequisite course is needed for the course(s) selected to be taken through Mount Mercy, an official transcript must be sent to the Accelerated Office to verify successful completion of that prerequisite. Any special student that wishes to continue at Mount Mercy must complete the regular admission process for the accelerated programs.

See the Accelerated section of this Catalog for more information on admission.