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SO 251 Sociological Theories: 3 semester hours

This course attends to the basic theoretical issues in sociological theory, including an analysis of the key theorists Marx, Weber and Durkheim. This course also provides an overview of modern social theories such as conflict, structural functionalism, symbolic interactionism, and postmodernism. Prerequisite: SO 122.


Sociology studies various aspects of human interaction and social phenomena. The sociology major addresses sociological issues pertaining to self; social groups; social and cultural values; family and community relations; economic and political relations; stratification based on race, ethnicity, gender, social class, sexual stratification; the rural-urban divide; and the nature of social organizations. The comparative/historical approach of the program enables students to analyze these issues not only in the United States but also comparatively at the global level. Furthermore, sociology addresses how social structures influence human beings at both the micro and macro level through the use of logic and varied scientific methodologies.