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PS 325 Statistics and Research Methods for Behavioral Sciences I: 4 semester hours

This course is the first of two courses in the statistics and research methods sequence. It involves application, observational, and survey methods, and it includes use of statistical procedures within the context of correlational research. Reading empirical literature and writing summaries of statistical analyses are emphasized. Use of statistical computer software is integrated throughout the course. Topics include descriptive statistics, estimation, hypothesis testing, t tests effect size, power analysis, bivariate correlation/regression, multiple correlation/regression and a brief introduction to nonparametric tests. A student-designed project will include research design, data collection, statistical analysis, preparation of a research report, and a formal presentation. Prerequisite: PS 101 and junior standing. Students should have the equivalent of one year of high school algebra before enrolling in PS 325. Completion of MA 135 (Basic Statistics) before PS 325 is strongly recommended. (Offered fall semester).


...Inquiry III at Mount Mercy. With permission, PS 325 Statistics and Research Methods for Behavioral...


...Business Statistics , MA 135 Basic Statistics , or PS 325 Statistics and Research Methods for Behavioral...