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PS 101 Introductory Psychology: 3 semester hours

This first course gives a broad overview of the field of psychology. Major areas studied include the physiological basis of thought and action, perception of the environment, learning, motivation, behavior disorders, and behavior in groups. Though basic concepts and principles are stressed, the student is introduced to a variety of approaches to the subject matter of psychology. The student also becomes acquainted with some of the methods psychologists use to answer questions about behavior and mental processes. Students may have the opportunity to serve as research participants. Prerequisite for all other psychology courses. (Offered fall and spring semesters).


The psychology major presents a scientific approach to the study of individual behavior and experience. The goal of the major is to provide an empirical and theoretical understanding of the basic knowledge, concepts, and methods of psychology. Though such understanding may lead to greater personal insight, the study of psychology is focused primarily on a body of empirical knowledge and theoretical formulations that aim to predict and explain behavior. The approach emphasizes both critical evaluation of evidence and awareness of the implications of psychological knowledge and theory for the lives of persons. Most psychology courses emphasize self-awareness and critical thinking.


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