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PO 100 Power & Justice: 3 semester hours

This course pursues the answer to a general political question such as “What is equality?” or “What is justice?”. The class discusses that question and reads works of other political thinkers-—ancient and modern—-related to that topic. More concretely, the course considers the ways in which that issue influenced the Framers of the American government, and compares that to how other countries have handled that issue differently with the specific institutions they have created. For example, the course may look at how the United States Congress attempts to provide for equal representation differently than the German Bundestag or the Chinese National People's Congress. Finally, the course examines how countries interact with each other militarily and economically to address potential cooperation and conflict among countries. Through this ongoing dialogue, students are introduced to the four major subfields of political science: political philosophy, American politics, comparative politics, and international relations.