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EX 315 Structural and Functional Kinesiology: 4 semester hours

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. This course specifically applies anatomical principles to examine the causes and effects of motion produced by human biological systems. Functional movements pertaining to physical activity, human performance, and physical rehabilitation are emphasized. Three hours of lecture and two hours of laboratory per week. Prerequisite: BI 273.

Exercise Science

Exercise science is an interdisciplinary field which spans the physiological, psychological, nutritional, motor, and functional adaptations and responses to exercise, physical activity, and sport. Mount Mercy University’s exercise science program prepares students interested in pursuing careers and graduate/professional degrees in physical therapy, athletic training, occupational therapy, sports medicine, cardiac rehabilitation, dietetics, personal training, health promotion, strength and conditioning, coaching, and sport & performance psychology. Students choose electives that support their desired career path. In their final year of study, students complete an internship to increase practical understanding of course knowledge and help gain insight into their work world.