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ED 345 Math Methods for Elementary Teachers I: 3 semester hours

This course is designed to offer Elementary teachers an introduction to what it means to teach math for understanding including the essential skills and characteristics this entails. Emphasis will be placed on the pedagogical content knowledge necessary for the elementary teacher within the following mathematical strategies: number and operation (including early number concept development, building meaning for the operations place value concepts and rational numbers) and measurement. An associated field experience which exceeds state mandated hours is required. This course must be completed with a minimum grade of C (2.0) prior to student teaching. Pre or co-requisite: ED 232. Prerequisite: Cumulative grade point average of 2.70.


The Mount Mercy Education program prepares reflective teachers and leaders informed by scholarship, grounded in best practice, enriched by caring, and committed to responsive service in the “Mercy Tradition.” In order to achieve this mission, Mount Mercy provides for each prospective teacher a program of core curriculum, concentration in a major field of learning, varied field based experiences and a sequence of education courses leading to professional licensure by the State of Iowa. The curriculum for the Education majors, including endorsement areas, is under regulation and accreditation from the Department of Education in Iowa and is subject to change upon changes in regulation made by the State.