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CS 226 Programming in Visual Basic: 4 semester hours

This course is an introduction to programming using Visual Basic and the .NET development environment. Topics to be covered include control structures, input/output, graphical user interfaces, and interface with other Microsoft Office applications. This course is for MIS majors. Computer Science majors may take the course as an elective, but it cannot be used to fulfill any CS graduation requirement or to complete an area of specialization.

Computer Science

The computer science major prepares students to be professional computer programmers and (with the proper area of specialization) to enter graduate school in Computer Science. Students will learn both the theory and practice of the profession, how to work in groups to complete large software projects and appropriate ethical standards. Computer science is a rapidly changing profession and the Mount Mercy computer science program endeavors to teach, model and demonstrate the most modern professional practices. Students with a computer science degree find excellent employment opportunities in almost all industries.