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BC 202 Accounting: Information for Decisions: 4 semester hours

This course provides a fundamental knowledge of accounting for individuals who do not expect to become practicing accountants but who need a basic understanding of accounting concepts. This course will emphasize accounting as a communication system involving analysis and interpretation of data. Accounting concepts will be covered as they relate to the user of financial information rather than a preparer's perspective. Emphasis will be placed on the use of accounting information for both financial and managerial decisions. Prerequisite: none.


The business major offers students the opportunity to integrate theoretical constructs with practical experience gained outside of the classroom. Coursework offers students a broader understanding of management, accounting, finance, marketing, communication, economics, legal and ethical practices and research within the context of a business organization. By design, the program prepares students for professional positions in the public or private sectors, or preparation for graduate study within the business discipline.

Health Care Administration

...the future should replace BC 202 with BC 265 AND BC 266. *Disclaimer The course...