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AR 425 Art & Design Internship: 3 semester hours

The internship is designed to give practical, on-the-job experience to complement academic studies in art and design. Students meet with their supervising instructor on a periodic basis and complete accompanying coursework in consultation with their instructor. The internship is graded as pass/fail. One credit hour = 40 hours of work at the internship site, up to a maximum of 6 credit hours. Prerequisite: A declared major in either Art or Graphic Design, junior status, and permission of the Art & Design Program Coordinator.

Graphic Design

The Art and Design program offers courses that provide students with the technical and aesthetic instruction necessary for visual expression of all types. An environment conducive to the student’s total involvement as a developing artist is provided with offerings in art history and appreciation, studio work in fine arts, and graphic design. The Graphic Design major provides a strong background for commercial or applied art careers.  It is also possible to minor in Art to include coursework in graphic design.