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AR 202 Drawing II: 3 semester hours

This course is an extension of Drawing I. An exploration of various traditional and non-traditional drawing media, as well as a continuation of the student's search for personal vision through direct observation, memory, fantasy, and media experimentation. Emphasis is placed on development of personal imagery and work from live models. Since this is a required course for Art & Design majors the priority for acceptance in this course is: 1) Art & Design majors, 2) Art & Design minors, and 3) non-Art & Design majors. Lecture: one hour per week. Studio: four hours per week. Prerequisite: AR 102. ($80 lab fee).


The Art and Design program offers courses that provide students with the technical and aesthetic instruction necessary for visual expression of all types. An environment conducive to the student’s total involvement as a developing artist is provided with offerings in art history and appreciation, and studio work in fine arts plus the possibility of taking graphic design courses. An Art major prepares students for careers involving the visual arts or further study in graduate or professional schools.


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