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AR 151 Printmaking I: 3 semester hours

Investigation of graphic processes including woodcut, collagraph, monotype and intaglio. Course includes development of the image in black and white and color. Since this is a required course for Art & Design majors the priority for acceptance in this course is: 1) Art & Design majors, 2) Art & Design minors, and 3) non-Art & Design majors. Lecture: one hour per week. Studio: four hours per week. Prerequisite: AR 102. ($90 lab fee).

Art and Design

The Art and Design program offers courses that provide students with the technical and aesthetic instruction necessary for visual expression of all types. An environment conducive to the student’s total involvement as a developing artist is provided with offerings in art history and appreciation, studio work in art and graphic design, and art education. An  Art major prepares students for careers involving the visual arts or further study in graduate or professional schools. An Art Education major prepares students to teach art in grades K-12. The Graphic Design major provides a strong background for commercial or applied art careers. Additionally, the Art and Communication programs offer a Communication: Media major . It is also possible to minor in Art and Design to include coursework in fine arts and/or graphic design.


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