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AR 106 Photography I: 3 semester hours

An introduction to photography. The course covers cameras and photographic techniques, composition, processing and darkroom printing, lighting and matting photographs and an introduction to digital photography. A broad overview of the work of accomplished photographers, exploring many different styles and approaches will be presented along with the history of photography. Assignments stress composition, lighting, documentation, and experimentation. The course is recommended for students with little or no photography experience. Students should supply their own digital camera. A limited number of film cameras are available for loan. Students supply their own film. Lecture: one hour per week. Studio: four hours per week. Since this is a required course for Art & Design majors the priority for acceptance in this course is: 1) Art & Design majors, 2) Art & Design minors, and 3) non-Art & Design majors. No prerequisites. ($50 lab fee).

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