Tuition and Fees

Deferred Billing

Tuition for students in the Accelerated program is due the day the class starts. If you are reimbursed by your employer and you have a completed Deferred Payment Plan Enrollment Form on file with the Student Accounts team, tuition is due 45 days from the end of each block. 

Accelerated Programs - Add/Drop Policy and Tuition Refund Policy

Please refer to the academic calendar for specific add/drop dates. To drop a course without charge, a student must drop prior to the first day of the block in order to have the registration dropped and no tuition charge assessed.* If the course is dropped on, or after the block start date, but before the first week ends for an online class (Sunday 11:59pm CST) OR prior to the second course meeting for an on-campus class, the student will receive a grade of “W” on the academic transcript reflecting the withdrawal, but will not be charged tuition. Students dropping a given course during the second week of class or after will be charged 100% of the tuition.

If a student wishes to withdraw from an accelerated program course, they must do so by the fourth Sunday (11:59 pm CST) of a five week block, the ninth Sunday (11:59 pm CST) of a ten week block, or the fourteenth Sunday (11:59 pm CST) of a 15 week block to receive a "W". Students who do not withdraw from a course by these deadlines will receive a letter grade for the course.

Attendance is taken the first week of class for Department of Education requirements. On-campus students will have attendance taken in person, while online students must actively engage in the course by the end of the first Thursday (11:59pm CST) or earlier as designated by instructor. Simply logging in to the class does not count as engagement for attendance purposes. Students that are reported "Absent" will be removed from the class due to non-attendance for a given course once it has begun, will receive a grade of NA, and will not be charged tuition.

*Drop dates are noted on the block calendar.

Accelerated Programs - Withdrawal Policy

Students exiting from Mount Mercy during a block in which they are registered, will receive a grade of “W” for the course. Students withdrawing during the first week of the block (before Sunday 11:59 pm CST for an online class or prior to the second course meeting for an on-campus class) will receive a tuition refund. Students withdrawing during the second week of the block or after will not receive a tuition refund. Registrations in subsequent blocks will be dropped and there will be no tuition charge for the dropped registrations. Students should contact the Accelerated Office to initiate the exit process. Withdrawing from Mount Mercy will change the student’s enrollment status, and students should consider how the decision to withdraw will impact any of the following: tuition charges, financial aid (including loan repayment), social security, employer reimbursement, veteran’s benefits, or scholarships. (Please refer to the Financial Aid section for more information.) The student’s ability to maintain a student visa or to purchase insurance as a student may also be impacted as a result of the decision to withdraw from coursework at Mount Mercy. Students withdrawing from the institution will be required to re-apply for admission if they desire to return.


Type Cost
Accelerated Program $556/semester hour

Additional Fees

(All fees are non-refundable)

Type Cost
Assessment of Prior Learning Experience Assessment Fee $60 per semester hour
Audit fee for a course $100
Official transcript $11
Replacement diploma $75
Returned check $25

For a full list of applicable fees, please see here.

Delinquent Accounts

All students, except those on employer reimbursement, are required to have their entire account paid in full by the last day of class. Any balance remaining after this date will be considered delinquent.

Students who are reimbursed by their employers are required to have their entire account paid in full within 45 days from the end of each block or their account will be considered delinquent. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Student Accounts team that they are eligible for employer reimbursement as well as notify them of any changes in reimbursement status.

Students with delinquent accounts may be subject to the following actions until the balance is paid in full:

  1. All current and future registrations will be cancelled
  2. All financial aid for future terms will be cancelled
  3. Official transcripts will not be made available
  4. Accounts will be turned over to a collection agency unless arrangements have been made for the timely payment of the delinquent amount due.