International Studies

The International Studies major is an interdisciplinary program that combines courses in the social sciences, humanities, arts, and sciences that provide students with both a firm grounding in a discipline and the flexibility to permit exploration from alternative perspectives. Many faculty members who teach courses in the program are leaders in their fields as well as in interdisciplinary studies, both as educators and researchers.

Major themes presented in this program include globalization and development, global conflicts and issues of peace and justice, cross-cultural communication, international migration, postcolonial relations between the developing and developed countries, and the link between environmental and foreign policy issues.

Objectives established for students in this major include, among others: learn to connect local and global issues for agencies and companies; develop critical thinking and analysis to become responsible citizens in chosen profession; conduct research and communicate findings and ideas effectively.

Career Opportunities

The International Studies major will help students prepare for careers in business and with corporations involved in international trade, government agencies (Department of State, diplomatic services, and international aid agencies), non-profit and non-government organizations (NGOs), the United Nations and human rights organizations. Students may wish to pursue their studies at the graduate level and will be prepared for a variety of disciplines, including public administration, international relations, international law, and diplomatic and area studies.

See the Graduate section of this Catalog for more information on Graduate programs offered at Mount Mercy.

Study Abroad

Mount Mercy offers travel courses during the Winter Term. Study abroad for a semester or a year is also a possibility through exchange programs or through other colleges. With the prior approval of the academic advisor these programs may be taken and credits transferred toward the fulfillment of concentration requirements. See the Policies page for more information on requirements when taking courses at other institutions. 


EC 376International Economics3
HI 140History Of Western World Since 16483
PO 313International Law and Organization3
SO 330Global Race Relations3
or SO 420 Social Movements and Revolutions
SO 215Methods Of Social Research3
or PO 307 Political Science Research Methods
Select one of the following: 3
Senior Seminar
Seminar In Political Research
History Independent Study
Internship and 2 courses in foreign language at the intermediate level18
Total Hours36

Students are required to write a proposal for their thesis during the semester preceding their enrollment in SO 441 Senior Seminar, PO 441 Seminar In Political Research or HI 445 History Independent Study. The proposal has to be approved by the International Studies Coordinator, and students will work on their thesis while taking the Senior Seminar (or the Independent Study option).

Concentration Requirement

Student must complete an additional nine semester hours in art, history, sociology or political science and at least six of these credit hours must be in courses numbered 200 or above. Suggested Art courses:

AR 181Fiber Arts3
AR 212Art History I3
AR 213Art History II3
AR 216History Of Non-Western Art3
AR 245Relief Printmaking In Oaxaca, Mexico3
AR 295Survey Of Mexican Culture Today3
Total Hours18

Academic Requirements

A grade of C or above (C- does not count) in each required course for the major, including the Senior Thesis, internship, and study abroad courses.

International Studies Minor

Four courses from the following six disciplines:12-13.5
Global Environmental Issues
Select one of the following:
Art History I 1
History Of Non-Western Art
Survey Of Mexican Culture Today
Select one of the following:
International Economics
International Management
International Marketing
Select one of the following:
Modern East Asia
Latin American History
Imperial Russia and the Soviet Era
Select one of the following:
American Foreign Policy
Politics of International Economic Relations
International Law and Organization
Select one of the following:
Islam And Politics
Global Race Relations
Social Movements and Revolutions
Internship and one foreign language course at the intermediate level6
Total Hours18-19.5


Courses with Global Content:

AR 101Introduction To Art3
AR 181Fiber Arts3
AR 212Art History I3
AR 213Art History II3
AR 216History Of Non-Western Art3
AR 295Survey Of Mexican Culture Today3
BI 210Biology And Human Culture3
BI 225Global Environmental Issues4.5
CO 260Intercultural Communication3
EC 251Macroeconomics Principles3
EC 376International Economics3
BN 350International Management3
BK 311International Marketing3
EN 154Introduction to World Literature3
GS 231Studies In Foreign Film3
HI 120Origins Of The Western Tradition3
HI 130Emergence Of The West, 800-16483
HI 140History Of Western World Since 16483
HI 213Recent China In Global Economy3
HI 230Modern East Asia3
HI 250Medieval Europe3
HI 260Early Modern Europe 1450-17893
HI 265Latin American History3
HI 270Nineteenth Century Europe3
HI 295History of Medicine and Disease in the West3
HI 340Crime & Punishment in England 1550-18753
HO 218Honors: Social Power & Architecture3
MU 332Music History I: Medieval Times to Classical Period3
MU 333Music History II: Romantic Period to the Present3
PL 270Introduction to Asian Thought3
PO 102Government and Politics Around the World3
PO 103Introduction to International Relations3
PO 112Globalization and Human Survival3
PO 311American Foreign Policy3
PO 312Politics of International Economic Relations3
PO 313International Law and Organization3
PO 314Contemporary Political Ideologies3
SO 183Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
SO 183Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
SO 235Social Inequalities3
SO 240Medical Sociology3
SO 285Islam And Politics3
SO 290Urban Sociology3
SO 320Sociology of Work3
SO 330Global Race Relations3
SO 420Social Movements and Revolutions3
SO 441Senior Seminar3